Get Involved!

Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Rights Radio Project comprises radio interviews from recent conferences on different human rights including women’s rights, land rights, climate change, culture rights, and Indigenous rights. Our languages are our strength. We invite you to join our voices on the air to make ourselves heard and defend our communities against exploitation by governments and companies.

Our goal is to broadcast these programs as widely as possible by providing them in easily accessible formats and free of charge to any radio station interested in airing them.


How You Can Help

1) Broadcast our audio programs!

We want to reach as many people as possible. Download our programs and broadcast them as many times as you can. Do you have feedback? We are always looking to improve our spots in order to inform communities. Message us at!


2) Translate our audio programs!

We are limited in the communities we can reach because of the few languages we speak. Are you able to translate our audio programs into major, minor, or Indigenous languages? It would help us to reach out to more people! We will be sure to credit your work.

To translate the programs into your language, please download the scripts here or check out our Transcripts page.

Download English language scripts: Spots 1-20 English Transcripts
Download Spanish language scripts: Guiones 1-20 Español Textos


3) Share our programs with other radio stations!

We do our best to research radio stations worldwide but it can be challenging to find stations without a web presence. Please contact us at and let us know about radio stations near you that are interested in these audio programs so we can establish a relationship with them.


We hope you will join us in using the power of our words to protect Indigenous cultures and heritage. Please contact us at to let us know that you would like your radio station to participate or with any questions.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. I am delighted to know about the existence of this organization that champions minority peoples rights.Please ,Please talk more bout the ABatwa in Uganda that were evacuated from Bwindi forest and are facing extinction.

  2. Hi Bigaruka, we would be very happy to share some material about the Abatwa. If you have contacts with the community in Uganda you could record some interviews with them speaking about their experience and we will post them here.

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