World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Transcripts

The World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) held a high level plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on September 22-23, 2014 in New York City. Learn about this Conference through our series of PSAs based on the conference’s Outcome Document.

More information about the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples can be found here.

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Arabic / العربية
Thanks to: Nurmeen Abdulkreem
WCIP Script – Arabic

Aymara / Aymar aru
WCIP Script – Aymara

WCIP Script – English

Japanese / 日本語
Thanks to: Yukiko Matsumoto
WCIP Script – Japanese

Spanish / Español
CMPI Textos – Espanol

Turkish / Türkçe
Thanks to: Yasemin Bayraktar
WCIP Script – Turkish

Quechua / Qhichwa simi
WCIP Script – Quechua


Programs on the Alta Outcome Document

Spanish/ Español     French/ Français    Russian /pу́сский

We invite you to listen to and download 10 free radio spots on the upcoming high level plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to be called the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, scheduled for September 2014.

On behalf of the Indigenous Global Coordinating Group for this high level plenary meeting of the General Assembly,  Cultural Survival  has produced this series in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

The Global Coordinating Group is primarily responsible for advocating for the full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in the preparatory processes leading up to, during and after the World Conference as well as raising funds to ensure that the Indigenous preparatory process is realized.


Spanish / Español

French / Français

Russian / pу́сский

We invite you to broadcast these spots. If you are interested in translating to a language more appropriate to your listeners, you can find transcripts HERE.

For more information on the high level plenary meeting of the General Assembly to be called the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, visit: