FPIC Audio Recording Transcripts

We are pleased to be able to offer these translated transcripts of our Free, Prior, and Informed Consent audio recordings!

If you are interested in making quality audio recordings of these transcripts please contact us at consent@cs.org

Arabic / العربية
Thanks to: Azzouz Fakhri, Varteny Pamboukian, and Ghada Elgazzar
Spots 1-20 Arabic Transcripts

Armenian / հայերեն
Thanks to: Anna Makaryan
Spots 1-20 Armenian Transcripts

Basque / Basque
Thanks to: Asier Calzada and Itziar Aldareguia
Spots 1-20 Basque Transcripts

Burmese / မြန်မာဘာသာ
Thanks to: Violet Cho
Spots 1-20 Burmese Transcripts

Catalan / Català
Thanks to: Alicia Rod
Spots 1-20 Catalan Transcripts

Central Khmer (Cambodian) / ភាសាខ្មែរ
Thanks to: Som Kethyasey
Spots 1-20 Cambodian Transcripts

Chichewa, Chinyanja / Chewa, Nyanja, Nyasa
Thanks to: James Yassin
Spots 1-20 Chichewa Transcripts

Croatian / Hrvatski
Thanks to: Jasna Rodic
Spots 1-20 Croatian Transcripts

Czech / Čeština
Thanks to: Lenka Strmiskova and Anna Pleadin
Spots 1-20 Czech Transcripts

Dutch / Nederlands
Thanks to: The Loc People and Marinus Kruissen
Spots 1-20 Dutch Transcripts

Spots 1-20 English Transcripts

Finnish / Suomalainen
Thanks to: Tuula Voutilainen and Liisa Peilow
Spots 1-20 Finnish Transcripts

French / Français
Thanks to: Hannah Reier and Professor Nicholas Huckle and his 2013-2014 LF305 “Advanced French Written Expression” students at Boston University
Spots 1-20 French Transcripts

Georgian / ქართული
Thanks to: Mikhail Shengeliya and Nana Bakhtadze
Spots 1-20 Georgian Transcripts

German / Deutsch
Thanks to: Patrizia Vanazzi and Ina Glynn
Spots 1-20 German Transcripts

Greek / Ελληνικά
Thanks to: Christina Kourkoula
Spots 1-20 Greek Transcripts

Hindi / हिन्दी
Thanks to: Rajesh Kumar Ojha and Bhargavi Sayee
Spots 1-20 Hindi Transcripts

Hungarian / Magyar
Thanks to: Viktória Gal
Spots 1-20 Hungarian Transcripts

Igbo / Igbo
Thanks to: Chigozie Ezeani
Spots 1-20 Igbo Transcripts

Indonesian / Indonesia
Thanks to: Jenny Anastasia and John Lee
Spots 1-20 Indonesian Transcripts

Irish Gaelic / Gaeilge
Thanks to: Ruth and Kevin Scannell
Spots 1-20 Irish Transcripts

Italian / Italiano
Thanks to: Professor Rita Coté and her 2013-2014 LI303 “Self Expression in Italian” students at Boston University
Spots 1-10 Italian Transcripts

Japanese / 日本語
Thanks to: Hui Ling Tan
Spots 1-20 Japanese Transcripts

Javanese / Javanese
Thanks to: Indras Woro
Spots 1-20 Javanese Transcripts

Korean / 한국의
Thanks to: Seoyeon Chu and Jin
Spots 1-20 Korean Transcripts

Kurdish / کوردی
Thanks to: Bryar Rahman and Sarhang Omer
Spots 1-20 Kurdish Transcripts

Lao / ພາສາລາວ
Thanks to: Jay Sayako
Spots 1-20 Lao Transcripts

Malay / Melayu
Thanks to: Daniel Chow and Nadia M
Spots 1-20 Malay Macrolanguage Transcripts

Mandarin Chinese / 官话, 官話, Guānhuà
Thanks to: Jie Ren, Elly Liu, Jiewen Wu, and Stephanie Hon
Spots 1-20 Mandarin Chinese Transcripts

Marathi / मराठी
Thanks to: Sanika Patwardhan
Spots 1-20 Marathi Transcripts

Mongolian / монго
Thanks to: Dejidmaa Galbadrakh
Spots 1-20 Mongolian Transcripts

Montenegrin / crnogorski, црногорски
Thanks to: Jasna Rodic
Spots 1-20 Montenegrin Transcripts

Norwegian / Norsk
Thanks to: Sarah Oakton
Spots 1-20 Norwegian Transcripts

Polish / Polski
Thanks to: Dariusz K
Spots 1-20 Polish Transcripts

Persian / فارسی
Thanks to: Elham Khiabani and Shakib Ra

Portuguese Brazilian / Português (Brasil)
Thanks to: Elie Kommel, Ana Goehner, and Marina Hennies
Spots 1-20 Transcripts Portuguese Brazilian

Portuguese European / Português (Europeu)
Thanks to: Julie Cleaver, Ana Palmeirim, and Penelope Pimienta
Spots 1-20 Portuguese European Transcript

Roma / Roma
Thanks to: Laura Giordano
Spots 1-20 Transcripts Roma

Romanian / Română
Thanks to: Ionella Munteanu and Liliana Johnson
Spots 1-20 Romanian Transcripts

Russian / Pусский
Thanks to: Alexander Kozhukhov
Spots 1-20 Russian Transcript

Serbian / српски, srpski
Thanks to: Slobodanka Stojčević and Jasna Rodic 
Spots 1-20 Serbian Transcripts

Spanish / Español
Completo Guiones 1-20 Textos

Swahili / Swahili
Thanks to: Bahati Mabala and Francis Ngige Njoroge
Spots 1-20 Swahili Transcripts

Swedish / Svenska
Thanks to: Henrik Weinestedt and Agneta Pallinder
Spots 1-20 Swedish Transcripts

Telugu / తెలుగు
Thanks to: Sylada Padmavathi
Spots 1-20 Telugu Transcripts

Thai / ไทย
Thanks to: Arinchana Thinsarn and Wisanu Tukaew
Spots 1-20 Thai Transcripts

Tigrinya / ትግርኛ Tigriññā
Thanks to: Amlaku B. Eshetie
Spots 1-20 Tigrinya Transcripts

Turkish / Türk
Thanks to: Nahit Karatasli, Abdullah Demir, and Yasemin Bayraktar
Spots 1-20 Turkish Transcripts

Ukrainian / український
Thanks to: Yuliya Freya and Irina Strelnikova
Spots 1-20 Ukrainian Transcripts

Vietnamese / Việt
Thanks to: Trang Le
Spots 1-20 Vietnamese Transcript

Most of these translations were made possible through the fabulous assistance of
Alison Nolan and by the incredible volunteers at The Rosetta Foundation!

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