2 Feature Programs on Free, Prior, and Informed Consent

Learn about the right of Indigenous Peoples to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in this innovative radio series! This set includes 2 feature length programs of interviews with Indigenous leaders speaking on what the right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent means and the challenges they have encountered in implementing this right in their communities.

Recorded at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, May 2013.

We also have a transcript of the 2 Feature Programs:
2 Feature Programs English Transcript

These programs are ready for broadcast across radio stations worldwide. Listen and download here:

Produced by Kaimana Barcarse

Feature Program 2: Challenges to Implementing FPIC

1) Les Malezer from National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples
Aboriginal People of Australia, specifically Gubbi Gubbi and Badtjala groups or “The Saltwater People”
Talks about: The State only holds “consultations” and laws remain prejudicial.

2) Simon Ancanda
Representative of 26 clans of the Taguba  tribe from Papua New Guinea
Talks about: The effects of an energy project against Exxon.

3) Vicki Tauli-Corpuz from the Philippines
Kankanaey Igorot
Talks about: The costs of the process of consultation and obtaining consent.

4) Tai Peli from the United Confederation from Taíno Peoples
Taíno Peoples of the Caribbean
Talks about: What consent means and the impact of violations of consent (conflicts from a culture based on hospitality).


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